Hercules Vs. Prometheus: Differences And Similarities

It’s not hard to believe that most of the main characters from Greek mythology share similarities and differences. This holds true especially for Prometheus (Aeschylus’ “Prometheus Bound”) and Heracles (Apollodorus” “Heracles or Heraclids”) These two important characters might seem very different at first glance. That would only give a superficial view of the characters. The similarities between the characters include the fact that they both suffered at the hands Gods. Prometheus would be rock tortured by Hera for all eternity. His liver was constantly being picked at as it regrows by an eagle. Hera cursed Heracles and even tried to kill him as a child. Later in his life, she made him suffer from madness which led to the deaths of his children and wife. He had to endure the labors. A clear similarity between the two is that Prometheus as well as Heracles both helped humanity. Prometheus gave his body and freedom for the betterment of mortals. He was selfless and his love for humanity overtook his love. He gave the flame now known as the flame Prometheus to humanity, despite the fact that he knew Zeus would be angry at him for his actions. Fire is a vital part of our modern society, as it is obvious. It is an essential part of our daily lives.

Fire was a common way to cook, heat, lighten, and so on back in the day. Fire is an essential element. The flame was a symbol of something infinitely more important. Prometheus’ flame, as we all know, also symbolizes technology and advancement. He declares in the text, that he is telling the truth not to blame men, but because he wants to share the goodwill associated with his gift. For men in the beginning, they saw but couldn’t use their eyes; they could hear but couldn’t hear. I am not going to blame anyone, but I want to share my goodwill and explain how I have been blessed. Men, in their earliest days, saw but didn’t see; they heard but could not hear. They lived long, confused lives like the dreams of their childhood and were unable to see the purpose of life. They lived in the sand-colored caves and holes of the earth like ants. Prometheus bound Prometheus, as it turns out, is an intelligent being who has the gift of seeing into the future. Prometheus declares, “Oh woe to me!” Prometheus declares “Oh woe! Prometheus loves humanity and when he learned that Zeus wanted to destroy humanity, he felt obliged to save them. Prometheus inspired many people with his great ideas in architecture, math and navigation. He influenced humans so much so that one could even argue that he is the very foundation of human culture and civilization which played a major role in regards to humanity’s development.Similarly to Prometheus Heracles also benefited humanity but in a different way. People also benefited from Hercules’ immortality. His 12 hard-fought labors brought him victory over many monsters. He defeated the Lernaean Hydra in his second labor. This hydra was notorious for destroying villages and country sides, as well as taking cattle. Bousiris, a tyrant known to have brutally killed unsuspecting people and sacrificed them before Zeus was even aware of their existence, was also defeated by Hercules. We can see that both Prometheus and Hercules are brave based on the information we have already discussed. Prometheus, who knows the future and past but isn’t afraid of change, is brave in his case. Hercules, on the other hand, displayed his courage, bravery, and craftiness when he challenged beasts and completed his labors. Both characters are, in conclusion, benefactors for humans and humanity.

Prometheus, Hercules and their differences are two-fold. First, Prometheus is not the same person as Hercules. Prometheus does not belong to the human race. Instead, he belonged to an immortal and powerful race called “the titans”. This means that he is an immortal race. Additionally, Hercules and this Prometheus were already worshiped. Heracles, a demigod, is the result of a union between a god and an human. Hercules was required to complete the labors before he could become immortal. In order to gain the trust and faith from the people, Hercules needed to complete 12 labors. Heracles became immortalized only after they completed their labors. The god’s treatment of them is the second difference. Zeus was harsh in his punishment of Prometheus for betraying Zeus. Prometheus was a previous supporter of Zeus regarding Krone’s death. Prometheus was subject to a more severe punishment than he was entitled to. This is partly because Zeus preferred other gods to Prometheus, indicating that he did not like him. Prometheus was perceived as a traitor when he betrayed Zeus, and he was ostracized.

Hercules reveals a different side about the gods. Hera was not fond of him but all the gods, goddesses, and gods loved him. Hera sent two serpents after Hercules when he was a young boy. Despite being only eight months old, he was able kill both serpents. Zeus must have helped him achieve this feat. It was important to worship the gods, as we all know from ancient Greece. People who ever challenge or offend the gods would be punished quickly and harshly. These heretical curses can also be imposed over many generations. The curse will then be passed on to the next generation. Hercules committed a variety of offending acts during his twelve labor’s. Aeries son Cycnus challenged Heracles and was killed. Also, Poseidon’s four sons were killed. It is obvious that if any other person would have done the same, they would have been severely punished by Gods. Hercules was even able to cause Atriums fury on his third labour, but he left Cerynitian unharmed. Artemus forgave Agamemnon when he insulted his daughter. As I have already mentioned, Hercules killed four of Poseidons sons but Poseidon didn’t demand revenge. Odysseus was the only one who blinded Polyphemus of Poseidon to avoid being eaten alive. Despite his rational reasoning, his actions led him to be cursed 10 years by Poseidon. This delayed his return journey by at least a ten year. Zeus would intervene and help Hercules defend him, assuring him that he won’t get hurt. This is why Hercules could be so confident in his work. His labors were sometimes impossible, but he didn’t fear and succeeded. Zeus’ protection was what made him a true hero.

It is clear that the relationships between the gods and the pair were what really set them apart. Hercules clearly was loved and favored, while Prometheus received a lot of hate and contempt from a variety gods. They do have some similarities, despite their key differences. They both have the common goal of benefiting humanity in one way or another. Both are considered brave in some way. Prometheus, despite knowing that he will be beaten by Zeus, is also brave. Hercules is brave, on the contrary, for persevering through seemingly impossible and difficult labors. They are both skilled at outwitting opponents and also show their creativity. Prometheus exhibited this ability by defeating Zeus. Hercules was able to outwit Atlas and get him to do one of his “impossible tasks”. Atlas offered Hercules his help in return for Hercules’s cooperation. Atlas offered Hercules his assistance in return for Hercules’s carrying the Earth. After the deed was completed Hercules requested that Atlas hold the Earth for a few more days while he returns the item. Atlas accepted and held the earth in his hands for several more hours. Atlas was able to trick and outwit ancient creatures like Atlas. Both characters show the importance of respecting and worshipping the gods. It is evident that it is important in Greek culture, society, and society. Both men have a different relationship with Gods. The metaphysical relationship between them and the gods is also very different, as Prometheus was an immortal demigod while Hercules was a titan.


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    I'm Linda Barber, a 29-year-old blogger and teacher. I'm passionate about writing and communicating ideas, and I love helping others achieve their goals. I also love going on adventures, learning new things, and spending time with my family and friends.



I'm Linda Barber, a 29-year-old blogger and teacher. I'm passionate about writing and communicating ideas, and I love helping others achieve their goals. I also love going on adventures, learning new things, and spending time with my family and friends.

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